Our Team

Ladie Sevon (Lady Seven) - Owner | Creative Director

I have been drawing since I was a child, and I started my first business when I was 16. That business consisted of designing shirts, logos, and illustrations, which introduced me to screen printing. I love designing, learning new techniques, and playing with new mediums. I have been very blessed from the beginning. I have gotten support from my family, friends, and our fans. I did not have any money to start this, but by the grace of God, I kept growing and for that, I am very humble.


I majored in film and animation and received a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Art and Technology. By this time, I had stop designing shirts and moved into graphic design, Web design, and Web development. I started freelancing full time and then starting designing shirts again for fun.


The idea for RuLeo was born, and the brainstorming began. I continued to work on logos and branding.

Began designing “The Originals” brand and line


The first four prints were introduced and named “The Originals”. I bought my first screen printing kit and started redesigning the logos. I started selling shirts to my friends and taking them everywhere I went.

The redesigned logo was revealed and work started on the Website.

Maroon hooded sweatshirts were introduced with the newly redesigned crest and RuLeo in tackle twill.

Facebook® fanpage was revealed.


Four more designs were introduced and printed as well as the introduction of embroidered hats and fight shorts. Purple sweatshirts were screen printed with a plaid design of RuLeo Lions.

More designs were sketched and the Facebook page is redesigned.

Sponsored two skateboarders and one skater.


The revised logo and crest mark become registered. New hats introduced, along with new designs. The Website launched on a test server, and started to be debugged.

Moral support came from our fans. RuLeo moved to California.

Sir RuLeo - Muse | Sound Board

Sir Ruleo also shares a love for drawing and photography even though he chose not to pursue it as a career. Instead he chose to work with his first love, electronics.

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