Our Story

We’re a Los Angeles-based clothing company that strives to deliver inspiration, strength, and support to dreamers who work damn hard to accomplish their goals.

RuLeo was borne from a personal conversation between two friends who wanted to help fulfill each other’s dream of designing one-of-a-kind clothing that had a positive and worthwhile message. We wanted to share this incredible journey with our fans so they can realize their dreams, too. The designs are inspired by the almighty King of the Jungle—The lion.

The sketches and drawings are the representation of RuLeo’s passion for life, culture, and values. We wanted to bring our ideals of love, happiness, and strength to life and what better way to spread the message in sunny California than on T-shirts? We want our fans to wear something that inspires them to do great things for the world and themselves. That, in turn, fulfills our dream as a local clothing company that wants to spread the positive message of being confident in yourself and to keep dreaming big. Each design represents a dream for RuLeo and every time we can get the word out, means the world would be a little bit more awesome.

We love to support local events like art exhibits, festivals, and anything else that inspires us to keep going.

  • Respect one another.
  • Unite in love and positivity.
  • Lead by being a great example.
  • Encourage yourself and those around you.
  • Opportunity only presents itself if you’re willing to take it.

Let Your Inner Lion ROAR.

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