The Bank Sale 5 Tradeshow

Posted on August 30, 2014

This was our second appearance at The Bank Sale, it was held on 8/23/14 at the L.A. Convention center. We were able to catch up with several of our new friends from Venue, and the last Bank Sale. We even met a 3 year skater, who was extremely excited to have a Ruleo sticker added to his skateboard. 

Go on and checkout the pictures below from our booth.

*All images are copyright Ruleo® Clothing Co, not to be used without permission*

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The Bank Sale 4 Tradeshow

Posted on February 14, 2014

This was our second tradeshow that happened 2/8/14 at the L.A convention center. This show started out in a parking lot of a bank (hence the name) and has grown big enough to be moved to the convention center. We were very thankful to meet the originators of the show at Venue and have them invite us to exhibit. 

We were very excited to meet new people and network with some amazing brands. We were even featured on the Bank sale twitter and instagram feeds. Over all it was an amazing experience for our second tradeshow, we definitely wanted to do more. Go on and checkout the pictures below from our booth. 

*All images are copyright Ruleo® Clothing Co, not to be used without permission*

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Venue Tradeshow

Posted on February 02, 2014

Venue is a relatively new trade show, with this being its second show; it has grown from a small conference room at the L.A  Convention center to exhibiting on the top floor of the Cooper building. For us at RuLeo this was our first big trade show, and we have to say it was a great experience. Not only did we get to meet other brands, we were also featured on Dopamine36 blog, with a few of them. 

We were impressed by the panels that Venue provided, and their desire to educate brands on what it takes to be successful. Read the full article here


Join us has we take a look back at the our first trade show:


Some of new people we met:


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Chinatown Summer Nights

Posted on August 19, 2013

After Ruleo’s initial success with our first vendor booth, we decided to continue to spread the Ruleo love and joined the Chinatown Summer Nights series that took place in Chinatown, CA.  This was our first visit to the historic Chinatown and we gotta say, it was AWESOME.  Maybe the good word found its way over from our first event but Ruleo received so much love and support! People wanted to hear our story and we had the chance to tell it. People were so impressed by Ruleo’s designs that it made us blush a bit. Ruleo may not be seasoned vendors yet but we remembered to pay it forward and shared some of the tips and tricks we learned from our first event to other small businesses. Needless to say, Ruleo didn’t walk away empty-handed.  We found future events and shows that Ruleo may join so we’re super excited about it!  And we’re definitely coming back to Chinatown to visit because there’s delicious homemade bread and Ruleo’s not afraid of the carbs. Overall, it was a successful show and Ruleo’s proud to say not only did we sell a few shirts and hats but we were mentioned in the Examiner! Thank you for your continued support! We’d love to see and meet ya’ll in our next event so stay tuned!


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626 Night Market

Posted on August 07, 2013

The 626 Night Market at the Paddock Gardens of Santa Anita Park marked Ruleo’s FIRST EVER vendor booth showcasing our awesome brand with T-shirts, hats, belts, and hoodies! Despite the 90+ weather, we had an amazing time meeting the locals and other vendors at the park. We got a chance to try the good food (I had ramen for the first time!) and chatted it up with folks who visited our booth. We got to learn a bit about their culture and they got to learn about Ruleo’s philosophy:


One of the most meaningful parts of the night was hearing all the positive reviews and interest in our products and designs. Ruleo business cards and poker chips were picked up but not before giving Leo a high-five! (Oh yeah, Leo came out to support us too!)  There was even support from seasoned vendors who were kind enough to share some tips and tricks, and maybe even some delicious beef jerky and yummy ice cream.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support the night market and a special thanks to those who visited Ruleo!



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