Introducing RuLeo® Skater 'Jerry Gomez'

Posted on September 25, 2013

How long have you been skating? What got you interested in skating?

JG: I've been skating for 3 years. My new friend skateboarded and it look awesome, so I gave it a try.

How old were you when you first started riding? What was the first trick that you learned?

JG: I was 13 years old when i first started to skate. The first trick I learned that mostly everyone else also learned first was an ollie.

What is your favorite trick? How long did it take you to learn it?

JG: My favorite trick pop shuvit underflip sex change I never met someone who can land it. It look a couple hours to learn. I saw it in a skateboarding game, but I improved it and made it harder and better by adding a sex change varation into it.

What does Ruleo® mean to you? What do you like about the brand? What is your favorite design from Ruleo®?

For me Ruleo is a sick apparel brand that makes sick and unique clothing. I love all the designs!

If you could meet any pro-skater, who would it be? If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

I would want to meet Aaron Homoki hes the sickest skater to me does the most insane things that looks impossible! I would ask him, what made you do crazy gaps and stairs?

Anything you'd like our fans to know?

The only reason I keep skateboarding is because it never gets boring there's always something new to learn; it really never stops. When I land a trick off anything like stairs or gaps, its the best feeling in the world


Watch the vid of Jerry:

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